How To Overcome Gambling Addiction?

While there are many dangers involved in gambling, addiction is the ultimate. And you should know that in France for example, more than a million people, including adolescents, are at moderate risk of becoming addicted to games. But when do we say that a gamer is a victim of gambling addiction? And above all, how to overcome it?

When Is Gambling Addiction “Pronounced”?

While a little less than a third (32.5% to be precise) of slot machine players indulge in more than once a week, that does not mean that they are all addicted to it, although they may risk becoming so. In fact, we cannot limit the definition of gambling addiction to the sole criteria of budget and frequency. Because like any other addiction, gambling is “pronounced” when the person has no other interest other than gambling. He neglects and even forgets his job, his family, his friends and “everything else”. In other words, even if the player is aware of the consequences that can be very serious, he cannot resist the temptation.

Solutions To Gambling Addiction

The fastest way to stop the “damage” when you become addicted to gambling is voluntary national ban. This is an approach that the player carries out by himself with the competent authorities, therefore prohibiting him, at the end of the visit to casinos and gaming sites, throughout France. . But this solution remains only “technical”, since the desire to play will always be there. Also, although very few of the players concerned take the step, the best solution bringing a lasting result is in the specialized support. However, we must be patient, quick and effective miracle solutions do not exist.

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